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Hard at work with our fabulous Spotlight On Broadway crew.

Hanging with the amazing Mary Louise Parker at Sardis, talking Broadway.

Beverly writes questions for interview with Chely Wright, for WISH ME AWAY.

At the Gershwin Theatre where Kristin Chenoweth made history starring in WICKED.

Bobbie shoots an early interview with CHELY WRIGHT for WISH ME AWAY.

Bobbie and Beverly at the John Golden Theatre on Broadway.

Bobbie and Beverly with Chely Wright and her soon-to-be wife Lauren Blitzer at the Nashville Film Festival.

Bobbie and Frank Prinzi, DP of Law and Order, shooting a Broadway Theatre.

Bobbie and Beverly at the Los Angeles Premiere of WISH Me AWAY.

Bobbie and Beverly Interview Chely Wright after she comes out on the Today show.

WISH ME AWAY marquis in Westchester County, NY.

Setting the shot on the majestic Nederlander Theatre.

Broadway photos by Tanya Braganti © 2016 All rights reserved
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